Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dallas Destiny recap

Hello All,

My name is Keaton Kiewra. I am a member of the Dallas Destiny, and also happen to be the mangager. We have had a disappointing start to our season with a record of 1-3. Our first 3 weeks we played the toughest schedule of anyone in the league, and started 1-2 which was not terrible, however our loss last week to the Arizona Scorpions was very disappointing.

It was a match that we needed to win, and definitely could have won. Our new board 2 stud, IM Julio Sadorra, made quick work of FM Warren Harper (who is a very strong player!) with black. At that point my game with FM Robby Adamson, as well as Bayarra Zorigt's game with David Adelberg, were unclear. IM Sal Bercys had a big advantage vs IM Levon Altounian, so we appeared to be in very good shape. As fate would have it Bayarra and I lost our games, and Sal was held to a draw.

I take our week 4 loss entirely upon my shoulders. It was my responsibility to find a way to beat Robby with white, or at least to not lose the game. I chose a bad opening, made positional inaccuracies throughout the game, and played too aggressively in an equal position. These mistakes cost me the game and ultimately cost our team the match. I promise my team that I will play better the rest of the season, and I guarantee that we will bounce back from this rough start. The Dallas Destiny has a lot of heart, and we are also way too strong to continue to be held back. Look for us to bounce back Monday with a win over a depleted St Louis lineup.

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