Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tonight: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Blog

Recently I read this amusing post by Seattle's HA81. Though obviously written tongue-in-cheek, the author describes the Dallas Destiny blog as "the most boring blog" in the league.

You know what? HA81 is right. We need to spice things up around here. Seriously. If I strictly write match reports for the rest of the season I think I'm going to lose it. GM Joel touched on this subject in his CLO article here.

I'm going to draw on Sublime for inspiration. Here's "What I Got" for tonight:

Early in the evening, log on ICC
Head over to Starbucks and order a Chai Tea
Got to find a reason, a reason our blog blows
Got to find a reason for our readership woes
I got this 'net connection, and I can still make posts
I can rock for Dallas like I'm Hall and freakin' Oates

So there you have it. My pledge to you, dear reader, for a better and more interesting blog. Tomorrow I'll be liveblogging our match against San Francisco and hope to deliver some hall-of-fame worthy updates.

It's a start, right?


  1. Great, all of us Destiny fans have our eyes locked on to see what you come up with. Go Dallas! We need a win.

  2. Dude! Excellent!! I did give you credit for wearing 3 hats and amended my thought to Baltimore having the most lame blog. Good Job! Why can't more of the USCL come around to this kind of thinking? Now, one last bit... do you think you could change your team's colors? I mean, that green is just too dark, you gotta lighten that up a bunch! Thanks and good luck!

  3. Johnny Beast, bravo on your lyricism. never knew you were a poet at heart. however, i was wondering when will the time come to dig deep in your closet and find your long lost pro grinder hat? when are we going to see that poker face back in action? your seat is being kept warm...

    ship cheese,
    Bom Brill